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Ordered in 1963 by an ice cream company in Germany, leaving Wolfsburg factory in 1964. Known as a VW Splitscreen SO2 (Special Order no.2) high roof mobile shop with sales flap, these were used in Germany as mobile shops selling groceries or in Mimi's case, serving ice cream.
She is an original ice cream van, not converted, but born this way!

Research has indicated that Mimi may be the last remaining active VW Splitscreen SO2 ice cream van left worldwide. We still have all the original sales receipts from when she was purchased back in 1963.

Fully restored in 2010 including having her engine rebuilt and started the journey as The Splitscreen Ice Cream Co. 

Mimi gets a lot of attention wherever she goes because of her story and has featured in numerous magazine articles and books. In 2012, she was voted 'Best Looking Mobiler' at the British Street Food Awards.

Equipped with a holdover freezer, Mimi can operate off electric for up to 12 hours and still maintain temperature. This makes her more environmentally friendly than most other ice cream vans.

Available for all occasions


Now, we know that Minty isn't a splitscreen, but she doesn't!
Minty is one of the best examples of a Baywindow and when the opportunity arose to have her join as part of The Splitscreen Ice Cream family, we just had to have her.

Our 1977 VW Baywindow high roof ice cream van, started her journey as an ice cream van in France until being brought here to the UK by her previous owners. She was fully restored, including the addition of a large sliding serving window and also equipped with a holdover freezer, taking up to 26 Napoli's 5ltr tubs.

Children love her, as she looks more like an ice cream van than Mimi and with her funky interior, and minty striped paintwork, adults fall in love with her too.

Available for all occasions.


The Ninky Nonk

Our 1962 Cummins Vintage Ice cream trailer.
This quirky ice cream trailer can hold its own at most events with a freezer capacity of up to 65 Napoli's tubs. It has a built in hold over freezer, meaning it can maintain temperature for up to 12 hours off electric.
It was purpose built around 1962 and is one of only two left in the UK, although the other one doesn't sell ice cream anymore.

She was fully restored by the company back in 2015 and has been doing what she does best ever since at events up and down the Country.

Available for all occasions.


Last but not least is the newest addition, Tubby. Bought in 2021, Tubby is our mobile ice cream cart.

We understand that not everyone has the space or the need for one of our vans or trailer, so we decided to bring Tubby on board for those smaller events.

Tubby holds pre-packaged 125ml ice cream tubs in several different flavours of your choice. 

He's ideal for birthday parties, intimate small weddings, corporate events and so much more.

Available for smaller occasions.
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