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 this is the star of the show - an LHD 1964 VW HIGH ROOF SO2 MOBILE SALES FLAP, she's a 'factory ordered' Ice cream van (the split screen van in the photos) - this is an extremely rare vehicle, one of approx. 5 left worldwide with its factory opening hatch from VW - this almost makes her a collector's item. Mimi was ordered for an ice cream company in Germany in 1964, and research indicates that's she's probably the last factory ordered ice cream van from VW left worldwide. She was fully restored in 2010 with her engine rebuilt.  She's been magazine featured and written about in a book about Volkswagen's special order models. For people that know their VW's, this is one rare, rare van - they almost never come up for sale, I've seen one in the last 10 years apart from ours, and that wasn't an ice cream van from the factory. We have the original sales receipt too. Fully MOT'ed and serviced every year since being in the UK. VOTED 'BEST LOOKING MOBILER' at the British Street Food Awards in 2012. 


Minty, Part of the Splitscreen Ice-cream co

We couldn't let this one go, we know its not a vw splitscreen but our immaculate 1977 VW Bay window High roof Ice cream van is one of the best we have seen. Minty was an ice cream van in France until being brought here to the UK by her previous owners when she was fully restored, a large sliding serving window was added, and the roof was re-enforced. It was then fully kitted out with a fancy interior and a bigger engine to help power her along the road and also painted in wonderful minty stripes. A real beauty of a van that people fall in love with.


The Ninky Nonk

 1962 Vintage Ice cream trailer - this quirky ice cream trailer was purpose-built around 1962 (it's one of two left in the UK - the other one doesn't sell ice cream anymore and is used as a trendy addition to an office). It has a huge freezer inside, which 65 x five-litre Napoli's making this unit a fantastic option for any day events without electric. 

Our Cart

If your looking for an alternative for a smaller scale event or wedding then look no further than our beautiful ice cream cart with parasol. This quirky ice cream cart is an added bonus if your wanting it inside 

The Splitscreen Ice cream Company 2022
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